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With the election of the left-wing Bill de Blasio, criminals across the city breathed a sigh of relief. They finally again have a mayor who will get the hated NYPD off their backs and let them ply their trade in peace. They finally will get a return to the Dinkins years. The rest of us, of course, have been bracing to the return of graffiti on every train, of needing to always keep spare cash in our pocket for the mugger, of NO RADIO signs in cars, and all the other aspects of city life some leftists yearn for.

Or maybe not? A walking-stereotype leftist in the form of Salon’s Natasha Lennard gives us a ray of hope for the city’s crime rate by declaring incoming police chief Bill Bratton “troubling.” I don’t think any higher praise of the incoming chief has ever been penned.

Lennard’s post is indeed troubling, but for reasons she probably doesn’t get. This is one of the clearest examples in recent memory of how some leftists conform to the right’s stereotypes of us being actively pro-crime, under the guise of declaring everything in sight “racist.” It’s not just being anti-stop-and-frisk. It’s being anti-broken-windows-theory, which is the foundation of modern policing and which she admits has led to reduced crime levels. It’s being anti-policing. It’s being anti-safer cities by putting the term “safer city” in scare quotes like that. Lennard doesn’t care.

She just declares everything “racist” with a wave of her hand, and there endeth the lesson.

Thus fulfilling another lefty stereotype.

In all of this diatribe, which seems to be just mindlessly dropping R-bombs as fast as possible, there is zero mention of the fact that violent crime disproportionally targets black and Latino youths. Under the sort of pro-crime mayor that Lennard hopes she is getting with de Blasio, yeah sure, crime will go up in the Upper West Side… but it would go up a hell of a lot more in the South Bronx.

A liberal able to do some reasoning might try to appreciate the whole picture before reaching for the R-bomb, and might conclude that while stop-and-frisk kind of sucks, there were a lot of things that went right under the Giulani-Bloomberg broken-windows NYPD. We might conclude that safer cities are not inherently racist. In fact, we might conclude that unsafe cities make things worse for minority populations, as rich whites in the UWS have more ways to avoid crime such as security guards, doormen, car services and the ultimate method of all: the white flight to the suburb.

So, the fact that this robot, who is wholly incapable of critical thinking and who is unable to do anything but espouse the usual leftist cliches, above all the R-word… the fact that she calls the new police chief “troubling” is the best thing I’ve heard of our new mayor to date.