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And how!

Here are screenshots, since I believe there is a non-zero chance this post, along with Mr. Steyn’s employment with National Review, will shortly disappear (update: nope, see below):



The hoopla involves (what else) the Duck Dynasty Debacle, and Steyn’s outrage at Phil Robertson’s suspension by A&E. Steyn’s National Review editor Jason Lee Steorts, a man whom nobody would ever mistake for a fake-conservative RINO squish, issued a rather mild and conciliatory rebuttal to one of Steyn’s posts, which then instigated this fire-breathing post from today.

FWIW, I am glad that some things become “de-normalized” from polite society, such as racism, as Justine Sacco recently learned much to her sorrow. I do take issue at A&E’s base hypocrisy and their being “shocked… shocked!” that the guy they hired for being a right-wing Southern redneck, with a long record of saying things a right-wing Southern redneck would say, went and again said something a right-wing Southern redneck would say. BUT… that hardly means ol’ Phil is some kind of free-speech stalwart, and we should most emphatically “de-normalize” the casual homophobia that Mr. Steyn apparently wishes were still acceptable in this country.

Anyway, Mr. Steyn himself will find out shortly the hard way if his right to free speech is not quite the same as a non-existent right to employment.

update: Mr. Steorts responded, and as expected, was immediately pilloried by the knuckle-draggers of NRO’s comment community for not being extremist enough.

update2: Steyn’s boss’s boss, Jack Fowler, came forcibly out against Steorts in this little drama. Poor guy. Good luck getting even a shred of respect from any of your right-wing writers after that debacle!