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This is the sort of tale they don’t want you to read.

(disjointed and random post follows.)

This guy who, at age 42, with a job he hated and no family, decided to up and quit to “follow his dreams.” It ended exactly as you would expect it to: unemployment, turned away from every employer, not even being able to get hired at Starbucks.

He had a steady day job. His crucial error was that, with his illusions of grandeur, he believed he deserved something better. Something better than his boring job because, after all, work sucks. Someone from comments called up a Drew Carey line: “Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”

What you do if you want to “follow your dream” of being (in his case) a writer is to write in your free time. This isn’t a very hard concept. He could then be shopping his freelance pieces to Salon regarding something external he cares about, instead of “My Life Sucks Because of My Own Stupidity.” Once he got going, perhaps he could make enough from his writing that he really could quit his day job and work full time writing in which case he will find…

Work still sucks.

For everybody. Even people with the cool glamorous jobs that you envy have their workdays consumed by 95% boring bulls**t. That cool film director or book author or other creative type has most of the aspects of their job as pedantic and stepwise as yours. (And why does everyone in America think their true calling is in a creative field anyway?)

This piece should be required reading for every incoming college freshman this fall, with the subtitle, “Don’t Let This Be You.”