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While the phone hacking scandal regarding Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, et al does say something about our sexist culture and our lack of privacy, it’s hard to see it as being exactly the most pressing problem of today. All these people still lead extremely charmed lives, and blatant and often illegal invasions of their privacy is unfortunately just the cost of doing business as a celebrity. Ask any random person down the street if they would make the following trade:

a) You become rich, famous, successful beyond your wildest dreams, beloved by millions, with your face on countless billboards and magazines, with your face literally considered the face of youthful beauty; however,

b) People will be pleasuring themselves while looking at your naked pictures.

A lot of people would be like, “Ok… I’m still waiting on the downside?”

So while Apple’s security breaches should definitely be addressed, and the sexist culture of how only naked female pics are scandalous needs comment… I am hardly shedding any tears for Kate Upton’s rough life.