On the topic of my previous post calling ISIS evil, a writer from Salon expresses disgust toward a right-wing pundit for doing the same. The word offends Elias Isquith’s delicate PC sensibilities, even when directed towards ISIS, a group reviled by most Muslims but no doubt considered noble freedom fighters by those of Isquith’s bent.

In particular, Isquith took exception with the right-wing writer “VDH” comparing ISIS to orcs, a fantasy race infamous for being Always Chaotic Evil in the terms of the popular site tvtropes. He uses this comparison as an excuse to deride VDH as being juvenile. Because, after all, only teenage dorks should ever make be fans of, or make reference to, fantasy or scifi.

Yes, neocons like VDH overuse the term “evil.” In particular, it is silly because we are unofficially cooperating with a member of Bush’s axis of evil, Iran, to fight a worse foe: ISIS. The latter also makes another member of Bush’s axis, Saddam’s Iraq, look as gentle as goddamn Canada by comparison. So, yes, the word has been cheapened by overuse… but that does not change the fact that evil lurks in this world, and I cannot think of a higher of concentration of evil anywhere on Earth than with ISIS, although Boko Haram is a close second. If we cannot call ISIS “evil,” than we cannot use that word against anyone, now can we?

Of course, that is probably Isquith’s point. Morally relativistic Chomskyite leftists like himself cannot comprehend the possibility that any organization, besides America or Israel perhaps, could ever be “evil.” Why, ISIS came about only because of global poverty and oppression by the West. Every beheading and atrocity is ultimately our fault, and there endeth the lesson.

VDH and those of his ilk caused great harm to America by dragging us into endless and unnecessary wars, and their attendant evils (oops, I used that word again) such as torture and domestic spying. That is beyond question. But what is also beyond question is that ISIS is the worst, most vile evil we have faced since 1945… and if anything, the comparison to orcs is insulting to the orcs.