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It cannot be emphasized enough just what colossal failures our Boomer elites have been for this country and others.

Staggering economic inequality as the elites rearrange the rules to benefit themselves at the expense of the workers. Failing national cohesion. Disintegrating social mores. Rising costs of living for the commoners, including sales taxes. Laughable universities that now serve only to fleece their students and impoverish their professors, all to generate money and prestige for their leaders. Corporate boards that seem to always share among them the same tiny pool of privileged assholes, including of course university presidents and former politicians. It’s as if all of Western society exists only to serve the 1%.

To understand why these people behave the way you do, one must understand that THE top policy of the Establishment is to ensure lifetime enrollment in their Peerage for its members. No matter how incompetent or corrupt they are, including cretins such as Jon Corzine or Jeff Zucker, their fellow Boomer elites of the Establishment will always look out for them.

The reason is, if accountability exists for some of the Establishment, no matter how shitty (and Corzine is a pretty goddamn shitty excuse for a human), then it can exist for any of them — and nothing is more terrifying for Establishment members than the thought of leaving it. So cushy jobs with boutique equity firms will appear out of nowhere to employ these assholes, or else they will be hired as head of CNN despite a lifelong record of abject failure in television. Lucrative and pointless posts will also appear for their children to ensure continuation of the bloodline as a hereditary aristocracy — thus we see Chelsea Clinton pulling almost as much money in speaking fees as her parents for no apparent reason, or Jenna Bush being hired by the Today Show despite having zero journalistic credibility. And most importantly, they reserve the top political posts to those that are one of them, or those who at the very least will slavishly toe the line in the hopes of joining the Peerage themselves (and I’m looking at you, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bill de Blasio).

Thus, in 2016, we Democrats will be forced to vote for Hillary. There is absolutely no way around it. The Establishment will see to it, just as they will see to it that Jeb Bush or someone identical will be the nominee on the other side. Hillary and Jeb both hold the Establishment and its Peerage as priorities #1, 2, and 3, so it is immaterial to the people who really run this country which one wins. The results will be the same for them — and the same for you commoners who have never been to Davos. (Sure, some social policies regarding abortion or affirmative action might get tweaked one way or the other, but I cannot overstate how little such petty issues concern Establishment types.)

In the unlikely event that an anti-Establishment type like Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders starts getting momentum, you know what will happen. All the major pundits will hem and haw. Thomas Friedman will talk about how “dangerous” the anti-Establishment candidate is, and he won’t be wrong — they would indeed be dangerous for himself as the ultimate mouthpiece of the technocratic, Boomerist Establishment. The major outlets would run nonstop negative pieces. Even FoxNews would turn on Rand, alternately ignoring and/or ridiculing him the way they did his old man, while MSNBC would do the same to Sanders or other potential obstacle to Hillary’s coronation. After all, think of the people who head these networks and who sits on their parent corporate boards. It would be a safe bet to assume that they meet up at the same country clubs.

Therefore, let this serve as notice that 1) I will vote for anyone but Hillary in the primaries; and 2) if against all odds, Rand Paul gets the GOP nomination and he’s facing Hillary, he will have my support and my donations. It ain’t much, true. But we have to start somewhere if we ever want to cast these people out and start rebuilding this once-great society.