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The other day, Amanda Marcotte decided to rile up the anti-woman MRAs once again by pointing out the deep misogyny problem inherent with atheist mucky-mucks such as Dawkins, Harris, Maher and the late Hitchens. She wonders why atheism has to be like this when the religion they mock is so deeply misogynist.

But I think she’s putting the cart in front of the horse. Religious men are not misogynist because of religion; religion is misogynist because it’s run by men*. Same as atheism, with the sole exception that atheists cannot hide behind God to explain their disgust toward the female gender. In other words, the hatred of women came first; the excuses came later, for religious nutsos and skeptics alike.

But the fact that the atheist world, including its leaders as well as the MRAs/PUAs, have to explain away their bigotry towards women makes them so fascinating. Instead of waving their hands and saying “God” (or “Allah,” etc), they have to give us their real reasons… which makes them great case studies into the psychology of hate.

For some atheists like Sam Harris, misogyny is more of a casual thing, a side dish, a snide attitude of dismissal. Harris is routinely attacked by liberals for being Islamophobic, which I don’t understand… of course an atheist is going to be Islamophobic, it is there in the job description of atheism along with being Christophobic, to coin a term. But Harris and Dawkins both share a “pipe down little girl, and leave the thinking for men” attitude.

For other atheists, mainly the MRA and PUA “communities,” that attitude of dismissal is replaced by white-hot rage. I blogged about that before here, but if I had to sum this blind, malignant hate all up in two words, those two words would be “Rebecca Watson.” She gets more hate than the average serial killer, and I am not exaggerating. More on what I’m talking about at this earlier blog post, where I linked to this gem of a quote which sums it all up:

I fail to see how refusing to believe in God leads to the ‘logical conclusion’ of abandoning the belief that women exist to serve men.”

Straight to the point, and no God to hide behind. I love it.

* Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: “Not all men.” :/