Our current rulers on top of the political, financial, health care, media and university worlds sure do love letting us proles know just how elite they are. They pay each other staggering salaries and bonuses; they give each other endless ridiculous awards and trophies celebrating their eliteness at black-tie dinners where the only proles in attendance are the servers and security guards; their PR machines serve to always remind us how well they are running things for our benefit — never mind your stagnating salary and declining quality of life, of course.

The problem is, when it comes to actually running anything, our current rulers absolutely suck. They suck balls.

Earlier, I discussed a pathetic moron named Nancy Snyderman, an Establishment figure trained (but no longer practicing) as an MD, who decided that quarantines don’t apply to her despite her exposure to a known Ebola patient. After she was caught, she issued a typical Establishment non-apology where she declared herself healthy (!) and, furthermore, blamed the incident on her very much non-elite crew members. Because I’m sure they forced her out of quarantine at gunpoint.

But as awful and arrogant as Snyderman is, her incident is small potatoes compared to the ongoing catastrophic failures with political leaders such as Obama and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, as well as health care leaders such as CDC Director Tom Frieden and Texas Presbyterian Hospital head Jim Berg. Their genius management of the American Ebola Patient Zero case has lead to two nurses also being infected via eminently preventable incidents, another being allowed to fly in a commercial airline flight before someone decided it might cause slight problems, and — this is so sad I’m laughing — yet another health care worker allowed to go onto a cruise ship after handling Ebola specimens. Bang-up job there, guys! I sure feel safe with the situation in your capable hands!

They are just as incompetent with this as they are with the Middle East, the economy, or managing a goddamn subway service or police department. Oh, they are great at extracting money from us proles and then congratulating themselves over their eliteness at the Met Gala or at Davos, but when the time comes to actually do their goddamn jobs, all they can do is 1) duck, 2) put out press releases telling us what a good job they are doing and 3) blame the inevitable bad outcome on someone else.

For comparison’s sake, let us turn to Nigeria. This is a war-torn country beset by their own version of ISIS, Boko Haram, psychotically evil thugs murdering and raping civilians in the name of Shaitan Allah. As opposed to America, they are on the same continent as the Ebola hotspots, with porous borders allowing easy travel to and fro. And, Nigeria is a developing country. To put it mildly, they do not have the same resources as America. Yet they are still beating the virus, mainly because their leaders stepped up instead of stepping aside to the latest black-tie fundraiser while blaming someone else. Nigeria is now on the verge of being declared Ebola-free. If only America could declare the same thing!