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In some of my prior tirades posts, I used the term “nonpartisan” to describe our elites. I don’t think this is quite right. The correct term would be “bipartisan”: They do tend to identify as more liberal or conservative. Here in NYC, for instance, most of our elites would be horrified to be called Republican; but on the other hand, a strong minority of Park Avenue, finance-industry Republicans feel the same way about the godless heathens who run this town. Truly nonpartisan elites like Bloomberg are rare.

But this does not change the fact that our ruling class agrees with each other far more than they disagree. For example, they are united in their contempt of the white and black working class, and they are united in their unbridled support of amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders.

As this liberal writer for Slate suggests, the white working class is seen as irredeemably racist and thus not worth reaching by the elites who bundle for the Clintons instead of the Bushes. The sneering contempt that Rolling Stone-reading, Baby Boomer liberal elites have for the white working class is legendary. RS’s snarling takedown of the character Ron Swanson (!) is really a takedown of the blue-collar man that RS’s owner despises. (The wikipedia article includes this priceless quote, regarding the oh-so-hip Jann Wenner defending that ultimate in boring, unhip rock, Hootie and the Blowfish: He “is a fan of any band that sells eight million records.” No better summary of our liberal elites has ever been uttered.)

This goes back for some time — liberal elite TV producer Norman Lear intended for Archie Bunker to be a monster representing everything that was wrong about the white working class.

But what they don’t get (or pretend not to get) is that their policies and contempt are equally destructive for the black working class. These are the people I rub shoulders with every day, driving buses or working in warehouses, struggling to get by, and getting absolutely no help from the NY state or local government that professes to be so concerned about them. There is really no difference between the white and black working class, economically speaking, and both are equally screwed by our bipartisan Establishment’s endless quest for open borders.

The de Blasios and Clintons and Wenners are pro-amnesty not just because this lets them feel all multiculti and morally superior at their dinner parties (although this is a big part of it, don’t get me wrong). They are pro-amnesty because it lets them actually replace a working class that they feel has failed them, with one they feel is more amenable to their way of thinking.

Now, the elites who vote Democrat may pretend to be disgusted by the likes of the Koch brothers, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Grover Norquist and Rupert Murdoch, but they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these conservative elites on the big issues of the day. The conservative elites may have slightly different reasons for supporting open borders (mainly, increasing numbers of unskilled laborers drives down wages for everyone except the 1%) but they will be just as pleased with Obama’s looming amnesty as their liberal cousins.

And as I suggested before, even the GOP politicians who are not openly pro-amnesty will be secretly pleased, as Obamnesty will get Norquist- and Koch-aligned PAC donors off their backs. McConnell and Boehner will rant and rave all day long to the cameras, but privately they will be thanking God that Obama is the one eating the shit sandwich so that the amnesty that their big-ticket donors want gets passed. After all, the rank-and-file conservative voters who don’t want amnesty don’t have a whole lot of dark money to offer American Crossroads, now do they?

Really, are there any trends coming down from the Establishment of either bent that in any way helps the black and white working or middle classes, instead of hurting them? Any tax breaks? Rent relief? Wage increase? Tuition decrease? Cheaper, better health insurance? Or are they experiencing precisely the opposite of each of these items every single year? (I can certainly vouch for the last: existing health insurance coverage gets worse by the month, not year, and more expensive to boot.)

Where are the Democrats on the worker’s unions they supposedly support? Where are the Republicans on the country-listening, ‘rasslin-watching, Jesus-loving workers who vote for GOP candidates in drove? I’ll tell you where they are: making things worse for the white and black 99% with each vote, while opening the floodgates to more and more competition in the workforce with an amnesty that is strongly opposed by the rank-and-file of both parties. Or protecting for-profit colleges that intentionally screw the poor who desperately want a better life in favor of a few rich elites. Or ensuring the most privileged positions are inherited by legacy, instead of going to deserving up-and-comers. Or continuing the endless war in the Middle East. Or distracting us with a meaningless sideshow about “social issues” like guns and abortion, pitting liberal vs. conservative over relative trifles and keeping us divided.

They are united against us. Perhaps someday, us commoners can unite against them.