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I’m not a particular fan of the mainstream media, but neither am I a fan of right-wing robots who automatically blame them for everything and anything they can think of. Case in point:

This, retweeted by prominent conservative writer and FoxNews guest Jonah Goldberg, is a typical specimen. So when presented with a charge like this (that I care enough to check) I always rely on the Fox News Challenge. Which is: if someone is charging the MSM is ignoring this or overplaying that to further their liberal bias, then is FoxNews doing the opposite? Because surely, those hardy truth-tellers would tell you the news the liberal MSM doesn’t want you to hear!

And as expected, “Charles” loses the challenge handily. Here is the FoxNews story, and as you can see for yourself, there is no discussion of the “impact” of Obamnesty on “non-illegals.” At all. Not even a throwaway line about their increasing competition for working-class jobs. Nothing except the politics. Even the opinion pieces are focused on the legalisms of Obamnesty, as opposed to the “impact.”

The reason why, Charles, is because your beloved conservative media (Fox, WSJ, NY Post, Weekly Standard, the whole lot) is just as committed to amnesty as the so-called MSM. The only difference is, at least MSNBC is honest about being pro-amnesty and anti-working class. This is not a red vs. blue issue at all, but rather an elite vs. plebian issue, and the conservative elites you follow are just as contemptuous of rank-and-file GOP voters like you as the liberal elites are against me.