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Details here. The House GOP has earned a well-deserved reputation for being a gang of chronic Obama Derangement Syndrome sufferers, too lost in their own hallucinatory reality to be taken seriously, but in this one instance, they stood tall.

Because one thing that never made sense, despite FoxNews’ neverending obsession on Benghazi, was: what possible motive would Obama have? Did they seriously think Obama had some diplomat that nobody had ever heard of rubbed out like that, just for fun? Really? What’s the upside for him? Seriously: not once did any of these lunatics pause, take a breath, and try to apply actual logic to it. They were (and are) so completely obsessed with “getting Obama” that they honestly believed that Obama allowed some ambassador to be murdered without motive and without any upside to himself whatsoever — that is how much they allowed their hate to twist their thinking.

So, now, will FoxNews-type conservatives partake in any self-reflection over the fact that the goddamn House GOP, whose members make Ted Cruz look like a RINO, was actually more sane and less partisan than themselves on this issue? (My Magic 8-Ball says, “All signs point to no.”)

Now, this official report also cleared the bureaucrats at State and the CIA of wrongdoing, but I would not be surprised that these bureaucrats, with their lifetime tenures with total job security and essentially no way to be fired, were indeed too paralyzed by torpor and indifference to act in a timely fashion. We may never know the whole truth in that regard. But one thing we do know is that the wingnuts were never able to formulate a non-gibberish reason why Obama would have allowed a relatively minor figure named Christopher Stevens to be murdered. Not even among themselves. That it took the House GOP to debunk them is a statement in just how degenerate the extreme right has gotten in this country.