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A writer for the conservative Federalist website picks up on a failing of the modern Left that is becoming more and more apparent: an abandonment of the traditional support of the working class and its private-sector unions, in favor of more and more “diversity” or, as it is now becoming known as, “social justice.”

Everyone is agitating for support of this or that oppressed race or sexuality, but where are the cries of support for the workers? This is the Left, for crying out loud. We are supposed to be the pinkos, the closet Commies, the readers of Marx and Hegel out to redistribute wealth. Why can’t the workers of the world unite anymore? Even Cesar Chavez marched — not for “diversity” or “social justice” — but for a living wage. You know why? Because that is what actual flesh-and-blood Hispanic people care about, not fluffy statements about how the ruling class “appreciates their multicultural diversity.”

Concerns for the workers hasn’t been totally snuffed out yet — old-school socialist Kwame Sawant spearheaded the $15 minimum wage in Seattle — but it’s definitely low priority for the Democratic Party these days.

As for college students, for them, the working class doesn’t even exist. The (often minority) people who sweep their dorm floors and clean their classrooms are invisible to them. Similarly, they fact that non-college students of their age get sexually assaulted 20% more than college students never enters their moral calculus since the universe ends at the edge of campus — “townies” are just dirty losers who are not worth a second thought. Not even the craziest campus leftist cares one jot about the proletariat. Instead, it is all about “diversity” and “diversity” and “more diversity.”

UVa Fraternity (the moron in the middle-left is by far my favorite. Don’t worry lady — nobody will ever think honor is one of your ideals. They will, however, question the “caring” part.)

This, of course, helps heartless plutocrats like Hillary get elected every four years. As long as she mouths the usual empty platitudes, she can screw the working class all she wants and not one liberal publication will dare protest. Sure, the editors of The Nation will allow, the wealth of the 1% doubled under her reign while real wages for the lowest three quintiles fell again… but she gave a speech saying she approved of (insert favored identity group here) rights! That’s what REALLY counts!

It might be high time for the campus liberalism of identity politics get turned out in favor of the old-fashioned pinko proletarian pro-worker liberalism of our grandfathers. Socialism and “social justice” are becoming increasingly incompatible.