As an update to the previous post, it appears today’s jihadists in Paris may have been motivated by today’s release of a novel that imagines a dystopian, Islamist France. The book has garnered withering condemnation from the European Establishment before it was even released due to its obvious trodding on PC sensibilities.

Therefore, it won’t be long before the Establishments on both sides of the Atlantic will hold that the shootings are mainly the fault of the book’s author, Michel Houellebecq, and the fact that his book was allowed to be published to begin with. The European Establishment won’t come out and say that it should be censored or anything like that… it’s just that, if it had never been published, nobody would have been shot, that’s all.

This is the line they took after Muslims went on violent rampages after the publication of the Mohammed cartoons.

The other line that will come out of the Establishment will be how this latest Islamic outrage should not encourage any French voter to support that nation’s leading anti-immigrant politician, Marine Le Pen. As with the elites here in America, the European ruling class and every single respectable party is absolutely and fanatically determined to bring in as many immigrants as possible — in their case, from Muslim regions. And as with most European countries, since every single mainline party is on board with this, only the fascists remain as the sole voice of opposition to immigration, whether it’s Le Pen’s National Front, the Swedish Democrats or Jobbik of Hungary. Because not even the so-called “conservative” parties will oppose or even regulate immigration, any voter concerned about the Islamization of his country will be forced to throw in with the fascists, which is why their numbers swell with every election. And this is why we are actually witnessing the rebirth of fascism in Europe before our very eyes, something impossible to even imagine a mere decade or two ago. (Britain’s UKIP is explicitly not fascist, but they are still demonized as racist purely for opposing unlimited immigration.)

In any event, this makes the immigration debate in America look rather tame by comparison. After all, I’ve yet to see La Raza-affiliated gunmen terrorize any media establishments, and I’m pretty sure I won’t. Next time anyone, myself included, goes on a tirade about immigration, we need to remember: it could be a hell of a lot worse.