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In light of the news of at least 12 people in France being executed by Muslims because their newspaper criticized and satirized Islam, I feel that the only way to commemorate their deaths, and what they stood for, is to republish what got them faced with continuous death threats to begin with: the (coincidentally) 12 cartoons of Mohammed.

I would also like to point out that the governments of France, Denmark and the EU generally always sided with the Muslims trying to censor these drawings. These governments (along with those of Sweden, the UK, Norway, Italy, and Germany) also have demonstrated unshakable commitment to the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe, and have worked aggressively to denounce as racist anyone who opposes these policies for any reason whatsoever.

I neither endorse nor condemn any opinion these artists or Charlie Hebdo have about Islam. This is only about the values of free speech they support. RIP.