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Good news, of course, because this will disrupt the orderly coronation of Jeb as the GOP nominee, and divert some of the constant flood of dark money that the Bush PACs expect.

Now this certainly doesn’t mean Mitt has a reasonable shot this go-around. He has a losing track record now and, more importantly, he’s now running against the GOP’s premier ruling dynasty. But even a moderate distraction of a Bush (or a Clinton) is automatically a good thing in my book, and there are enough members of the 0.1% who have lingering fondness for Mitt to make him a moderate distraction. If even a few members of this conservative-leaning Establishment funnel their dark money to a Romney PAC instead of a Bush PAC, that will result in a weakening of the Bush juggernaut. And, there would be a slightly easier chance for an insurgent like Ted Cruz to thread the needle and steal the nomination. (I don’t agree with Cruz on much, but his nomination would piss off the Establishment of both Right and Left, which is good enough for me.)

Now I still don’t really expect Mitt to carry any early primary states, and at this time I still cannot envision a 2016 that is not Bush vs. Clinton again. But I do know a few heads must be exploding at Bush HQ over this, so I’ll take some small satisfaction with that!