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Apropos an earlier post about the rise of fascist parties in Europe, what about Golden Dawn? All you need to know about this Greek party can be found via Google image search. Besides the wholesale adoption of Nazi imagery and salute (never mind that the Nazis brutally invaded and occupied Greece during the war; bygones I guess), note the odd presence of an American white supremacist flag in one of the pictures. Birds of a feather, I suppose.

Anyway, unlike most of today’s fascist parties in Europe, Golden Dawn was subject to a massive crackdown by the Greek government, with leaders arrested and the whole shebang treated like a criminal organization. The party continues to be reviled by the majority of Greeks. Much of the party was campaigning from prison cells. And yet, it now appears to have placed no less than third in the recent elections, benefiting from overall electoral trends throughout the continent. The best thing to happen to fascism in latter-day Europe was the decision by the elite to banish any thoughts or speech against open borders to the lunatic fringe; therefore, anyone concerned about unlimited immigration must vote for the lunatics.

And who placed first? Why, the neo-communist Syriza. The situation now resembles early-30s Germany, only in reverse. Desperate economic times are propelling both the left and right fringes to electoral success, but one side is doing better because the other fringe is subject to hatred and oppression by the government. Back then, it was the Communists who were reviled by polite society; now, it is the fascists; but in both situations, despite this handicap, the oppressed fringe did relatively well. It’s easy to forget that the Communists in 1932 Germany were actually quite powerful, and had they united behind a single powerful figure instead of the fascists, perhaps much of Germany would have wound up a satellite of the USSR in 1933 instead of 1945.

In any event, with no legitimate party allowed to even countenance the questioning of open borders, the fascists of Greece survive despite the most unfavorable of circumstances. People opposed to unlimited immigration have literally nobody else to vote for. But a UKIP-equivalent here, as in France, Austria or any of these other countries, would cause the local fascist organization to fold practically overnight.