I’ve spent my fair share of time spilling words about the anti-feminist MRA movement, offering support to their victims, or simply SMH at the hate among some of their members.

Mother Jones ran a piece about the MRAs and their two most prominent leaders, Warren Farrell and Paul Elam. Author Mariah Blake was far more objective and less insulting about this pair than I could have ever been, for which she deserves my respect. Of course, the two were less than impressed with the best coverage either of the two have gotten in recent memory, both choosing to write rebuttals. Farrell’s deserves particular mention because he, alone among MRAs, actually seems to buy the line that the movement really is about “Men’s Rights” as opposed to, in the words of Paul Elam, “Fuck Their Shit Up” (in reference to feminists).

Warrell gave Mother Jones a list of men’s issues supposedly ignored by Mother Jones. Here they are, along with my remarks.

–the boy crisis (I am not sure what this means. Study after study confirms that boys have more confidence and are called on more often than girls in the classroom. If he’s talking about gender roles, then the feminists he has decided to spurn actually spend a lot of time trying to tear down gender roles.)

–children’s need for both parents (equally-shared parenting); (True enough, as long as both are fit parents. That’s a pretty big qualifier that MRAs would sooner ignore.)

–why the pay gap is not about discrimination against women; (Uh, yeah, it is, sorry. Next.)

–the need for men’s studies; (Oh, you mean the history department? Next.)

–a men’s birth control pill’s importance to both sexes; (True, but those wicked feminists actually want this as badly as you do.)

–paternity fraud; (Oh come on. In this day and age, you actually try to complain about this? Really? Maury Povich can help you out here if you are fuzzy on the details.)

–male-only draft registration as a violation of the 14th Amendment; (True, but some countries have in fact gone past this. If there is another draft in the future, I expect many feminists to come out in support of female registration.)

–men as the disposable sex (in war, the “death professions”, and as dads) (Not “disposable” but there are some horrid gender roles that punish the male sex. I just wish your MRA minions actually spent time discussing this, instead of trying to doxx “bitches” who don’t know their places.)

–the debate between society being controlled historically by patriarchy vs. by the need to survive; (I have no idea what you are getting at here. Or are you saying we need the patriarchy to survive? Seriously?)

–boys’ and men’s suicides–the reasons for the increase; (Women attempt suicide 3x – 4x as often though. Both genders have bad depression issues; they do handle it differently. Either way, it is no secret that mental health care in this country is a joke. That is a gender-neutral issue.)

–the negative media images of men, and their negative impact on our daughters’ ability to love men; (<spits out coffee> bahahaHAHAHAHAHA)

–how to listen to the other sex with love rather than argue with blame (Yes, that would be nice if your MRA minions had even an ounce of love left in their blackened souls!)

There are male issues that need to be addressed. The spittle-flecked, doxxing, trolling, hate-filled MRA movement, however, is not addressing them. It sounds weird, I know, but doxxing feminists on the internet does NOT actually address the existential crisis of being a guy in this culture. Trust me on this one.