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I’ve mentioned before David Futrelle and his blog, We Hunted The Mammoth, chronicalling the malign words and actions of misogynist MRAs and PUAs. I can only take his blog in small doses, same as I could take a blog about serial killers or ISIS in small doses. It is very, very depressing to read about leading MRAs like “Roosh” or Paul Elam. It makes one want to just give up on the human race, and nuke the place from orbit.

Today, I read a tidbit from his blog not directly tied to the MRAs, but, well, interesting nonetheless:

[M]y time at Cornell University overlapped with that of a certain Ann Coulter — you may have heard of her — and one semester I ended up in an American history discussion section with her. And, as you might imagine, she would not shut up.

The professor, a gentle liberal fellow, was too diplomatic to really rein her in. So we ended up devoting a considerable amount of the semester to listening her drone on about her hobbyhorses — like her belief, which as far as I know she still holds, that Martin Luther King was essentially a Communist puppet.

If this is true, it shows that it’s not an act. Coulter’s schtick is not just trolling, as some have surmised. It was not invented just for FoxNews. It really is who she is.

Discussion groups with my classes generally sucked ass, so I envy Futrelle this class. If nothing else, sharing a college discussion group with a young Ann Coulter would have been absolutely hilarious.