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From this blog, which (like most Tumblr blogs) is no longer updated:

I just wanted to let you guys know that adding an asterisk to “trans” and also to things like “trans woman” or “transphobia” is transphobic in that it’s used to exclude people who arent “trans enough” (so they cant be trans, but they’re allowed in if there’s an asterisk), and also from what i understand it is commonly used against trans women as a form of transmisogyny. thanks!

Just sit and bask in awe of this Platonic ideal of Tumblr-feminism posts. There is nothing that could be added or subtracted that could improve in any way the celestial majesty of this post and everything it represents about people who love to use the word “problematic” unironically. A million gender-studies undergrads pounding out a million Tumblr posts each could not hope to ever surpass the perfection — indeed, such an endeavour may be impossible. For the God* of Easily Offended Navelgazers has surely looked down upon his/her/hiz/hyr Creation and declared: Finally, at last, my efforts are at a conclusion; none of the Earth may ascend higher, for one of you has reached and, for a brief moment, touched the face of God*.

*or Goddess or God/Dess or FSM or Deity-related Entity Of Ambiguous or Queer Gender and Orientation (DREAQGO); I apologize to any and all who are offended and I retroactively apply a trigger-warning.