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“Anti-vaxxer mom changes mind, studies medical research”

How is this even possible? A member of one of the most aggressively ignorant populations in the world… actually opens her mind and is willing to listen to research? What’s next? “Creationist changes mind — ‘maybe my theory is all hogwash after all.” Crazy.

Well, some helpful context:

“…after her 7 kids get whooping cough in Canada”

You’d think that would be enough for any anti-vaxxer, but it usually isn’t: they refuse to vaccinate even if their kids catch the measles, or whooping cough. Their insane beliefs are more important than their kids’ health. It’s really no different than parents who only believe in faith healing, with the exception that only the latter are jailed when both groups are equally vile.

But the fact that even one of these people are able to leave this cult is a heartwarming story straight out of Upworthy, even if it took all seven of her children coming down with a horrible disease to make her see the light.

“In the media, people who don’t vaccinate are typically the villains, and that made us really uncomfortable because we knew we were those people,” she told the Washington Post.”

You and your husband were indeed villains, lady, and the merciless, spastic coughing of your little ones — a disease¬†that you intentionally inflicted on them — will hopefully be a memory seared into your brain for life. But the fact that you were actually able to leave ignorance and superstition behind puts you back in the ranks of the good guys. Welcome back.