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If you piece through my blog, you’ll see me take some conventionally liberal stands on race. I decry whites who are dismissive of race as an issue and I support the notion of “microaggressions” being something we should talk about.

But that doesn’t mean that I am not sick to death of extremists on these issues — the people the internet calls “social justice warriors” or “SJWs.” You already know who I’m talking about: it’s that awful person in the room, wagging their finger and reminding you how holier than thou they are about the modern-day pieties of diversity and multiculturalism and trans-inclusiveness. They’re the people who use terms like “problematic” and “erasing” and “systemic oppression” unironically (i.e.: “Your problematic statements erase the systemic oppression of <insert oppressed group here>.”) And they are as much of an impossible social burden as your drunk uncle who can’t stop ranting and raving about them lib’rals and that no-good Kenyan Muslim Obama.

You may have heard about that one physics teacher from a month ago who insists on sermonizing on conventional diversity and multiculti talking points in his class. In physics class. In a class about that hardest of hard sciences, he feels it necessary to indulge in moralizing when there is already plenty of moralizing about this in any school you can go to. Why?

His answer is quite revealing, and goes into precisely what is wrong about these people:

I was jealous of my colleagues in English and History who got to talk every day in class about society and how it worked and how to be moral and caring and kind, whereas those conversations with students only happened for me outside the classroom.

That’s right. He’s only doing it to make himself feel good! He’s just doing it because he wants to get in on the sermonizing and self-aggrandizing “look at how multiculti I am” posturing that is usually limited to humanities-type classes. It’s insane!

Students at every level of the education system are already oversaturated with this stuff every single day, asshole. If you wanted to get in on it, you should have stuck with liberal arts in your training instead of having to tell everyone around you about how gee-whiz socially-justicey you are in a goddamn physics class where nobody could care less.

And besides, this sort of indocrination tends to backfire. The progressives in your classroom aren’t helped — you are just preaching to the choir with them. But the angry white males aren’t helped either — moral posturing and hectoring by a preening SJW prick like this asshole tends to drive them even further into the reactionary world of MRAs, Gamergaters and Meninists who are all racist sympathizers in addition to misogynists and transphobes.

I mainly talk about race in the context of boneheaded, racist-by-omission articles by white liberals in such white liberal publications as the NY Times and NY Magazine (because I hold our side to a higher standard). But I also try to convey the point that simply shaming racist impulses while pretending to never have racist thoughts ourselves is not only deeply dishonest, but it is morally repugnant as well. And just bringing up these topics completely out of the blue in a wholly inappropriate setting — and a physics class counts as wholly inappropriate — just to inform people how much you adhere to the completely conventional political dogma of the day marks you as the last person I’d ever want to be trapped in an elevator with. Rush Limbaugh would be less unpleasant than this damn teacher.

And the worst part is just what hypocrites these assholes are. Ever notice how 99% of SJWs go to white schools, live in white neighborhoods and work with white people?

If he really wanted to help minority people out, then he could, oh I don’t know, give up his cushy lily-white private-school gig and teach in an inner city school? Oh, but perish the thought! Why actually do good deeds when it’s so much easier to just tell everyone around you how good you are???