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I recommend this Michelle Goldberg article from last month’s Nation about the conservative war on higher education, and its resulting widening of income inequality.

This accomplishes two Republican goals. One is, of course, sticking it to a traditional Democratic constituency. Fewer English professors earning a paycheck means fewer dollars going to the DNC, after all. And since campuses have long been the breeding ground of liberalism, conservatives want to stick it to them just on general principle.

The other goal, though, is more important to the right: the widening of the income gap. This gap is THE major concern for the overlapping GOP and Clinton donor classes — increasing their own wealth while also attacking the financial security of the 99% remains their greatest obsession.

Skyrocketing tuitions for young commoners due to slashed state funding leads to years, perhaps decades, of negative net worth in terms of student debt load, which must put a smile on GOP kingmaker George Shultz’s face. In addition, education cuts allows further lowering of income taxes, which mostly affect the rich, so that they can become richer. (State income tax is quite modest for the middle tax, and zero for the poor.)

Don’t worry about the educations of rich kids being affected: it’s mainly lower-tier schools that get it in the neck. The University of Arizona itself increasingly has a “first class” service specifically for rich kids, to help meet budget shortfalls, as Goldberg notes. The days of the egalitarian dorm rooms seem to be ending: the spawn of the 1% get to have luxury condos with rooftop pools and all the rest, priced so that they don’t have to suffer the presence of the hoi polloi. On the other hand, the school has food banks for their students and adjunct teachers who literally can’t afford to eat.

Of course, the campus is just one front of the GOP donor class’s war on the rest of us, but it is a telling one. It is tough to fathom the blackheartedness of these people who want to turn the US into Mexico — as in, a tiny, filthy rich and morally debased minority ruling over the shockingly degrading depths of poverty for the rest. And for them, by the way, it doesn’t matter whether Clinton 2 or Bush 3 gets elected. Both of those people are equally committed to this vision. Either way, the ruling class wins and we lose.