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… is the problem of the hateful white male. Let’s stop calling them “angry.” Let’s use the correct word. Hateful.

Not a week goes by without a racist white cop going berserk on a victim of color that may or may not leave them dead. And that’s before we get to the mass shootings committed by a hate-filled white male. Seriously. Before Charleston, we had Aurora and Sandy Hook and Columbine. We had the California salon murders, as per usual targeting women instead of men. In 2007, a white male murdered 8 people in Omaha, NE. Elliot Rodger was celebrated by his fellow hateful white males for murdering 6 people while targeting women.

Sure, they aren’t the only perps. There were the Ft. Hood spree killings — Islamic fundamentalism is the only other force on the planet that can match HWMs in pure, distilled hate. And there was the Navy Yard murder spree by an African-American, an act which to this day defies an explanation. But the last black mass murderer? You have to go all the way back to 1993 and the LIRR killer. I don’t think Adam Lanza was even born then yet. Of course, two years later, another pair of HWM terrorists murdered 168 people in Oklahoma city.

Part of the problem is that no other groups besides HWMs and Sunni Islamic militants have their sort of vast, dedicated, multifaceted communities, online or off, entirely devoted to evil. For every HWM who actually commits violence, there are thousands or even tends of thousands more, equally dominated by hate, cheering their actions online, delighting in the suffering and death. They spend their days un- or under-employed, meeting with like-minded men of a similar bent online, always one-upping each other’s dedication to violence and extremism. They congregate in the interconnected forums of the PUAs, MRAs, and white supremacists (because PUAs/MRAs are basically “male supremacists,” they go along well with neo-Nazi ideology. Incidentally, ISIS and those of their ilk can logically be described as “Muslim supremacists.”). Skilled at recruiting, they are good at teaching impressionable adolescent men that Everything Bad In The World is due to the fault of THEM, where THEM involves women, minorities, gays, liberals, Jews, or anyone else different than themselves. They are hardly ever saying anything positive about anything, even themselves. Instead, almost every post is dedicated to attacking this or that trifle that they are convinced is keeping down that oh-so-unprivileged person known as the straight white man. Divorce courts! Affirmative Action! Anita Sarkeesian! Oh, they have it so rough!

We don’t know much about the Charleston murderer yet, but I think it’s safe to assume that Stormfront or similar sites will be in his browser history.

Anyway, we must talk more about the disjointed, yet powerful rivers of rage and hate and course through the underbelly of white culture. And we must have a reckoning with it if we are to stop these HWM terrorists.

Ok enough of this. I promise the next post will be a little less grim.