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FBI agents work the scene at the Armed Forces Career Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, July 16, 2015. REUTERS/Tami Chappell

After this latest mass murder perpetuated by a typical angry male loner in his 20s, the Islamophobes are out in force. ISIS in action, they say. His first name is Mohammad; what did you expect? We coddle Muslims too much. This is all the fault of liberals and Obama. If only we would stand up to the Muslims. All of this would then just go away.

But the ultimate truth remains the same: there is very little, if any, difference between murderers motivated by white power and MRA thoughts, and murderers motivated by Islamic jihad. They all come from the same twisted evil that also, in unusual cases, creates completely non-ideological murderous animals like newly-convicted James Holmes. With men like this, the evil always comes first. The rationalizations come later.

Here are the following common characteristics between a white power/MRA-type like Roof or Eliot Rodgers, and a Muslim jihadist/ISIS terrorist like Abdulazeez. 1) Male in his young 20s. 2) Isolated, alone, undateable. 3) Complete frustration at #2, choosing to blame woman/society/infidels/etc. for his isolation and inability to obtain sex, rather than himself. 4) Radicalized by online communities, subreddits, or Twitter. 5) Voluntarily and knowingly giving himself up to evil long before the crime. (I think this is more important than the media admits — almost all of these mass murderers make a conscious decision to devote himself to evil long before the actual crime, so these were not random rage killings.)

The specifics of the murders put out by these sort of worthless degenerates will differ, of course, as will their purported motivations… but the kernel of the crime is universal among these young men. If Abdulazeez had been white, he would have aligned himself with neo-Nazis and/or MRAs before murdering; similarly, if Roof had been born into a Muslim family, he would have sworn allegiance to ISIS before committing murders against Christians very similar to the ones he actually did.

The hate comes first; the rationalizations come later.

This is not to say that the existing infrastructures of hate do not deserve blame. As noted before, the twin hate-ideologies of the white supremacists/MRAs, and Sunni jihadis, are otherwise unrivaled when it comes to servicing and encouraging hate in their young, male, sexless constituencies. Nothing else on the planet comes close to the evil of these two movements.

Young male criminals in other societies, untouched by neo-Naziism or Sunni extremism, usually wind up as just your typical street criminal, which is oddly comforting. Say what you will about your local mugger, but at least he isn’t motivated purely to commit evil for the sake of evil. At least he has an understandable motive — robbery — as opposed to committing evil literally just to make the world a worse place for those in his community. Of course, there do exist rare non-ideological psychos like Holmes and Adam Lanza, who are no less consumed by the worst evil of the human soul; however, without the malign direction provided to neo-Nazis, MRAs, and Islamist jihadis, most such men do not go to such extremes when common street crime is so much more accessible.

If you want an answer to why four honorable servicemembers of the Corps had to die at the hands of this Muslim, you have to look into the same dark places that foment the Dylann Roofs and Timothy McVeighs that infest our country like cockroaches. Because to the grieving widows, the specifics are ultimately meaningless. The hate came first. The rationalizations came later. Evil is evil.