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Just another evening in America.

Last night, a loser drifter attempted to beat Dylann Roof and Mohammod Youssef Abdulazeez’s “scores” at a Louisiana theater. Fortunately he failed to kill more than two people, perhaps due to the heroism and quick thinking of two wounded women. (What a sad statement it is if we’re happy that “only” two die during one of these things!)

We don’t know the motive yet — was he a James Holmes copycat, or was he an Elliot Rodger-type woman-hating obsessive? Evidence to the latter: the two confirmed dead victims were women, in addition to the women from above. In addition, hate killers are far more common than motiveless psycho killers these days. Of course, this is not conclusive — hate killers tend to leave behind their pathetic “manifestos,” so we will see if one surfaces. Psychos like Holmes kill indiscriminately and often don’t leave manifestos. But if John Russell Houser was indeed targeting women, then he joins Rodgers, Roof and Abdulazeez in the swelling ranks of hateful, evil, loser men.

The only abnormality is his age. But while hate-inspired spree killers tend to be young, this is not a hard and fast rule. For instance, George Sodini, 48, consumed by hatred of women, killed three before killing himself.

Either way, there is an ongoing crisis with men in this society that shows no signs of going away. I spin my wheels on this, but I get no closer to understanding where their hate and evil actually originates from. The specific targets of their hate — blacks, women, infidels, family members, or just random people — vary, but the vile disease does not. And nobody seems to be any closer to understanding it.