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Is the guy in the middle a Bush voter?

Is the guy in the middle a Bush voter? Must be!

Earlier, I attributed Trump’s temporary ascent in the polls to the Moron Demographic — those voters who also are the base for Sarah Palin, Rob Ford and Marion Berry.

While morons make up part of Trump’s poll bump, I underestimated just how powerful Trump’s racist diatribe against Mexicans was for nativist and white supremacist conservatives. That rant, and his refusal to apologize, has called forth such individuals to his cause while shaking the GOP establishment to its core.

These voters are currently blowing up the right-o-sphere by calling mainstream Republicans “cuckservatives” (and we’ll get to this confusing insult in a moment) while declaring that Trump, for all his flaws, is the only guy willing to stand up to what they see as the self-loathing GOP establishment, or “GOPe” in their shorthand. Intentionally or not, Trump has become the standard-bearer for white-nationalist Republicans, who have not had a national candidate since George Wallace — and thus, Trump is exposing the GOP’s darkest secret: its base of overtly racist voters.

This is why GOP chairman Reince Priebus wants Trump out of the debates. Not because he would turn off viewers — on the contrary, I expect the Aug. 6 debates to have far and away the highest ratings for a primary debate of all time if Roger Ailes allows him on stage. No, it is because Trump illustrates for the world media just where many Republican voters are really coming from.

These men (for the vast majority of them are white men) have always pulled the correct lever for the GOP every four years. They may not like the Bushes and Romneys they are called to vote for, but they sure hate the Dems a lot more. These white nationalists were brought into the GOP fold by Nixon’s Southern Strategy, which capitalized on the “Dixiecrat” rebellion of the 1960s, personified by Wallace. These voters abandoned the Democratic party in search of a new home, and Nixon’s operatives heard them. And the South has remained deep-red ever since.

But while white nationalists’ loathing of liberals, minorities and feminism make them more rock-solid Republican voters than the hosts of Fox and Friends, they have always felt ignored and neglected by their own party. For good reason: major Republican candidates have learned not to overtly embrace these guys, lest they go out like Trent Lott. Yes, they will accept their campaign contributions, and yes, they may try an occasional dog whistle; but conventional GOP pols like Walker, Bush and Rubio would rather be caught french-kissing Hillary than be photographed anywhere near a Confederate flag.

Which brings us to the white nationalists’ latest insult to such conventional GOP pols: the “cuckservative.” What on earth does this mean?



As the proudly racist writer Gregory Hood helpfully explains, “The main issues in American politics are mass immigration, demographic change, and the new Culture War against implicit symbols of white identity. A celebrity businessman is now the leading GOP candidate for president only because of his banal truism that illegals from Mexico commit crimes. The overwhelmingly white base of the Republican Party is coping with the brutal reality that European-Americans will be a minority in the country they created.” (emphasis mine)

Okay, but what does the term “cuckservative” mean? Is it just a synonym for RINO, as some conservatives allege?

“Grassroots Republicans who thought they had retaken the government are confused, angry, and powerless,” writes Hood. “They worked for Republicans in good faith, but get only scorn and contempt. They’ve been deceived, cheated, antd [sic] exploited…. In short, they’ve been “cucked,” or cuckolded.

Cuckolding refers to that fetish among men who get turned on by their wife cheating on them with another man. But it is also used by racists to refer to anyone who is not racist, because they believe that non-racists are allowing people of color to rape America

Racism has always carried major sexual undertones, especially the fear of black men having sex with white women. Thus, the use of the word “cuckold” or just “cuck.” And if you’re already calling non-racists “cucks” for short, then it is an easy step to go from that to “cuckservative” to describe non-racist Republicans.

It cannot be stressed enough that “cuckservative” is NOT the same thing as RINO. That is, unless you believe the likes of Erick Erickson, Ace of Spades, Daily Caller and Hotair are RINO. (And believe me, calling any of these RINO is as nonsensical as calling, say, Elizabeth Warren a DINO.)

For further eludication, I bring you leading PUA and avowed white supremacist Heartiste; prominent white supremacist and #Gamergate leader Vox Day; crazy woman-hater and serial rapist Roosh; and, well, the following delightful images.

awful awful2

As a reminder, the individuals who generated the above images are Trump backers.

While I myself am opposed to open-borders and amnesty, mainly due to their negative effects on low-income working-class citizens and because of the disagreeable nature of the plutocrats who push for them, I rarely talk about it because of how toxic that side of politics has become. Because if the guy next to you is calling the other side “cuckservatives,” it might be time to just give up and go home.

update: this Buzzfeed article is instructive. Partly on the writer’s digging for the origin of the term “cuckservative,” but mostly due to the Facebook comments section that is being swarmed by alt-right posters as of 10:00pm EDT 7/27/15. Check out these guys in their own words.