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One thing I forgot to talk about recently was the absurd Hugo controversy. If you weren’t following this story: It’s best summed up as #Gamergate coming to the written sci-fi world.

Basically, some white male sci-fi writers decided that the Hugo awards, sci-fi’s most important literary prizes, were becoming too dominated by “social justice warriors” who valued diversity and race/gender/LGBT/etc social interests over either writing, or old-school sci-fi. These are the “Sad Puppies” and there was a kernel of truth here: SJWs are indeed irritating (even to us liberals!) and worship diversity as some kind of cult, and there was a bit of this to the Hugos. A bog-standard short story about coming out as a gay male won a Hugo. It was shoehorned into consideration as a scifi/fantasy piece because of a small amount of magical realism — a genre which has never before been considered a part of the scifi/fantasy world. So yes, this vanishingly trifling of an “injustice” was indeed probably due to social-justice types putting their thumbs on the scale. Fine.

But then things went all out of hand. Just like #Gamergate, the movement became dominated by extremist, misogynist, racist alt-right types led by the neo-Nazi Vox Day, not-so-coincidentally also a #Gamergate leader. On top of their usual rape threats and so on, they tried to sabotage the Hugo awards by exploiting its procedures. So the Hugos’ defenders (most prominent among them George R. R. Martin, a white male who cannot be accused of putting social-justice politics over storytelling in his nightmare dystopian series that features mostly white people) wound up torching the whole thing by not giving an award to anyone in most categories.

A good summary may be read here. It may seem like an esoteric subject to some, but the Sad/Rabid Puppies precisely mirror the #Gamergaters, and show how easily any white-male movement can get hijacked by the usual racist, misogynist, proudly evil extremists. And these guys are also a major constituency of a certain GOP candidate you may have heard of. Dismiss them at your peril.