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In case you didn’t hear of the latest outrage: A teacher in New Jersey, where, as in most blue states, the power of the teacher’s union over the citizenry is overwhelming, was not allowed to be fired despite being late to work 111 times over two school years.

If you are in the private sector: please tell me how long you would last if you were late roughly once every single week, despite repeated warnings. Two months? One?

In a decision filed Aug. 19, an arbitrator in New Jersey rejected an attempt by the Roosevelt Elementary School in New Brunswick to fire Anderson from his $90,000-a-year job [not including his extremely generous benefits and pension package -FC], saying he was entitled to progressive discipline.

Progressivism depends on good governance in order to succeed as a vision, and public sector unions are diametrically opposed to good governance. You simply can’t have good schools while at the same time forking over ridiculous salary and benefits to teachers like this who simply don’t care about their work. And if the villains of the teacher’s unions don’t bother you, then how about this?

“The most infamous cop in the city — parked in a desk job amid probes into Eric Garner’s death — can’t wait to get back on the job… Yet, at least one thing hasn’t changed for the 30-year-old Pantaleo: His desire to keep working as a New York City cop.”

That’s right — the most hated cop in New York City, the killer of an unarmed black man who dared to talk back, can’t be fired, either, due to his public-sector union. They can take his gun and shield, they can stick him in the NYPD equivalent of a rubber room, but the PBA would never let them fire him — nor would they allow the New York City taxpayers to stop supporting him and his pension.

Look, I don’t care how lockstep of a liberal partisan you are. You can’t tell me you aren’t at least a little bothered by the prospect of Daniel Pantaleo once again walking a beat. And you can’t tell me you’d want your kids in Arnold Anderson’s classroom.

The orthodox liberal party line has some quantity of bullshit to it. And the public sector unions are a big pile of bullshit.

Again: all labor unions are organized not against management, but against the stakeholders. In the private sector, that means the shareholders. For public sector unions, that means they are organized against you.