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I’ve noted before how the hate of white extremists is virtually identical to the hate of Sunni Islamic extremists. Both movements depend on young, unmarried, twisted males to fill their ranks; both are well-organized online and off; both give the formless rage and negativity of their members definition and purpose; both are united in hatred of Western culture, the Enlightenment, Jews, and above all, women.

The two movements joined in the person of a sickly internet troll named Joshua Goldberg, who was recently found to be involved in both online jihad and the white supremacist alt.right at the same time. What no doubt started as trolling for the lulz morphed into what cannot be distinguished from active participation and belief in both hate systems simultaneously. The fact that this makes no logical sense, especially for a Jew, is besides the point — there is very little logical about the human brain, and that goes double for a young little hater like Goldberg.

And online trolling is really where it often starts. A young, angry Muslim turns to Islamist sites out of curiosity and for anonymous venting; gets swept up in the fervor of men with the same hate and mindset as himself; and next thing he knows, he’s bought a one-way ticket to Turkey en route to ISIS lands. Similarly, a hateful white male may post anonymously at 8chan or similar; find himself posting more and more on white supremacist and MRA/PUA threads, because the guys he chats with are also posting there and, well, they are just making sense to him; soon enough, he is a diehard regular at the Daily Stormer, the site for guys who think Stormfront is for pussies.

The white extremists, at least, make up the vast majority of online harassers on Twitter and comments sections, as Jessica Valenti talked about, and can be verified by countless other women writers. While they can and will spew their vile at anyone, including each other, women remain by far their most hated targets. Because these guys hate women as much as ISIS does.

Hate lurks within all of us. Black, white, Arab, Asian, female, male, doesn’t matter. The urge to lash out at the world for failures within our own lives can take over if you let it. We all have family members who are black holes of negativity that are impossible social burdens at holiday dinners.

But for whatever reason, there are currently only two channels of ideological, organized evil in the world, that of white and of Sunni supremacists. The vast majority of hate-filled, evil young men instead fall in with conventional criminal gangs (not all criminals are like this, of course; many are simply desperate). Communist hate groups like Shining Path have largely disappeared, although they do occasionally flare up like recently in Nepal. Most despotic regimes, gangs, paramilitaries, and rebel groups, however, are non-ideological bandits out for themselves. No, in the 21st century, organized evil with goals beyond simple crime and plunder comes in the forms of fascism and Islamofascism. And when you strip away the veneer of each, is there any real difference?

So, we're agreed. It really is about ethics in gaming journalism.

“So, we’re agreed. It really is about ethics in gaming journalism.”