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Countless articles like this one in Buzzfeed constantly badger and shame Europe and/or America, to try and force them to accept unlimited immigrants. And I regret to say that it is really starting to bother me.

The Establishment (and I very much include Ben Smith and his stable of privileged BF writers such as Rossalyn Warren here with that term) is completely out of step with the 99% on this issue. The hoi polloi of the EU, while moved by the plight of the Syrian refugees, feels that they cannot continue to accept unlimited immigration from the Third World. This is doubly true in poor countries of Eastern and Mediterranean Europe, which are in the most direct path of the migrant waves. So, in response, article after article in BF, Guardian, NYT, etc etc paints the picture of a heartless Europe and USA turning its back on innocent, needy people. How dare the Europeans close their borders after only accepting “just” 1.8 million immigrants every single year, with far more in 2015 after only eight months? Shameful racists, right?

Not exactly an army of toddler girls

Not exactly an army of toddler girls

But neither Smith nor Warren, nor their peers all living in their gentrified white neighborhoods of London and NYC*, will ever be directly impacted by migrants or immigrants in general, which makes it very easy for them to shame have-not nations like Croatia and Hungary. Neither will they acknowledge that the vast majority of migrants are not actually women and children, despite what Warren’s intentionally misleading article would have you believe. (Wikipedia puts the adult male population at 72% — probably a conservative figure.) Hey, it’s almost like Croatia went through a cataclysmic, scorched-earth war of its own in recent memory. And it’s almost like Hungary only recently is emerging from the domination of a foreign, oppressive regime. Who’d have thunk they have problems of their own?

The thing is… Ben Smith and his writers know all of the above. And yet, they keep hammering away in pursuit of open borders regardless. This disconnect from the people is not a specialty to just left-leaning sites like Buzzfeed, either. Conservative forces like the Koch brothers, Cato, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce share their views.

But why? What is the end game here?

(*yes, yes: I live in NYC. But no, I do not live along the L-train bubble corridor so favored by white Buzzfeed staffers. My nabe is majority-Hispanic and a bit off the beaten path, so don’t even.)