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And if three luminaries such as these are in agreement, you know the plan is gold.

“Vladimir Putin would like to take Syria off of our hands,” Maher noted in his Oct. 2 monologue. “And I have one word for him: Sold!” he said to applause.

“Let’s get him to sign the papers before he sobers up. I mean, that’s like selling a diesel Volkswagen with blood on the tires. I am for it.”

Two days later, on the Sunday shows, Trump echoed similar sentiments.

“Now they’re going into Syria, there are so many traps, there are so many problems. When I heard they were going in to fight ISIS, I said, ‘Great, let them,'” Trump said on “This Week.” He also noted how badly intervention in Iraq and Libya have screwed up those countries.

History indeed will forever retell just what an epic disaster Dick Cheney’s war of aggression against Iraq was — for America, yes, but far more for Iraq. Saddam was not a nice man man, true, but he was also strong enough to bring order to that regime. There is no question that life for the average Iraqi is far less stable and more violent now than it was in 2000. Say what you will about Qaddafi, but his Libya was not the failed state you see now.

Similarly, Assad is not the sort of guy you’d invite over for tea. But which Damascus would you prefer to live in: the one of 2010 or of 2015? Would the average Syrian be better off under a peaceful Assad regime, or under ISIS?

When will America learn that its post-WWII wars of aggression in the Third World always, always end in predictable disaster? (The only exception was the one war which was NOT a war of aggression, the ’91 Gulf War.) Do hawks really believe that people in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Vietnam are grateful for our military actions, or that most Libyans are grateful to Europe for their leading role in Qaddafi’s downfall?

If Putin wants to bleed his army white to fight ISIS, then let him. Turning living ISIS terrorists into dead ISIS terrorists with no cost to America is the biggest no-brainer of the year.

Yet imperialist hawks still refuse to consider it. Hillary Clinton, by far more of a warmonger than any Republican presidential candidate other than her counterpart Jeb Bush, advocates creating a no-fly zone over Syria, which would lead to a shooting war between America and Russia, an event which better leaders than her averted even in the worst parts of the Cold War. This is absolutely nuts to write, but the conclusion is inescapable: Hillary Clinton is the candidate most likely to get America involved in World War III! She is to the right of Curtis LeMay, and she’s the Democratic choice for president?!?

Anyway, others worry that America would “lose face” if “our” rebels lost to Russia and its ally, Assad, without our protection. These are the same geniuses who allowed American weapons to be passed to al Qaeda because they trusted *cough* “our” rebels. And do they really think Middle Eastern opinion of America could get any lower?

So let Putin be Putin and get bogged down in another foreign misadventure, and let’s wash our hands of the whole mess. It’s already gotten him in trouble with another Middle Eastern country, and isn’t it nice to hear that a Middle Eastern country is mad at someone other than America for once? I mean, seriously. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a mass demonstration in Istanbul where they burn a flag that is NOT the American flag? It’d be like how happy Bill Cosby must have been after the Jared Fogle pedophile scandal hit — “At least they aren’t talking about me for once!”