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Think of every movie that features a character releasing some horrible abomination to slay his foes or protect his world. Hades releasing the Titans in Hercules, Tony Stark unleashing Ultron in Avengers 2 — what is the inevitable result of this, every single time?

The First Amendment does a good job of holding at bay the monster of speech codes and thought police. Some liberals do sometimes wish to ban hate speech — this is most evident at the university level — but usually, even these people have to give at least lip service to the First Amendment because they realize how popular it is with the public. But if years from now, the First Amendment were repealed and racist speech were banned, I don’t think progressives would enjoy the results.

Over in Old Blightey, an ethnic woman and diversity officer (!) by the name of Bahar Mustafa has been charged by police — for tweeting out #killallwhitemen during a racist row where she expressed unkind thoughts towards white men.

That she is racist and a horrible person is unquestionable to most people. But her progressive and diversity credentials are equally unquestionable. The fact that the monster of the thought police has turned upon one of its own ought to cause some discomfort to liberal Britons who normally take pride in their country’s lack of speech protections.

A thought experiment I like to use for Americans: Imagine your hate-speech law in the hands of President Ted Cruz. Suddenly, speech against Christian conservatives is now considered hate speech. How’d that work out for you?

Tumblr progressives fantasizing about speech codes usually envision robed and hooded white men being escorted to the hoosegow by a suitably diverse police force. They probably would not envision bitter anti-white racists like Rachel Dolezal or Azealia Banks to be shown into the adjoining cell for the same reason.

Oh, and: the assertion among some, including Bahar Mustafa herself, that “minorities can’t be racist” is as laughable as it is dumb. All ethnicities can show racism, and in fact, just about all people do. To ignore this is to ignore a deeply fundamental part of the human psyche. We all have racist tendencies, and so to coexist, we learn to suppress them. To pretend that black people, for instance, are somehow immune to this, is to buy into the racist mythology of the “Numinous Negro.”

I remember a column I read as a teenager from an African-American columnist — I can’t remember who. He spent the column basically laughing his ass off at butthurt white people emailing him to complain about “reverse racism.” Each time, he dismantled their arguments by exposing the privilege these white men assume without thinking.

But then, he ended his column by citing the one email he got that he took seriously. A white man living in a black Caribbean country — I want to say Trinidad — talked about his experiences being discriminated against due to his skin color. How he can’t get service at a bank because the racist staff doesn’t like him. The columnist basically said, see, THAT is what black-on-white racism that matters looks like: black people in that country held all the positions of authority; therefore, their racist thoughts and actions were a hell of a lot more relevant than those of their white minority.

And the reverse is true here, and in the UK. Black people and other minorities are not immune to racism, no matter what some silly college diversity officer maintains, mainly because they are human. But their racism is far less… impactful, damaging, scary, demeaning… than those of whites, generally, because it’s mainly white people in all the positions of power. You can imagine exceptions — if Obama were racist against whites, that would be a problem — but that’s the general rule.

But either way, the First Amendment protects us all from the abomination of speech codes. Release that demon on your enemies, and soon enough it will be at your own throat.