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Quick hit: The media is characterizing Trey Gowdy’s obsession with Sid Blumenthal during his hearings as bizarre. I think he was cleverly making the most of a mediocre hand.

The supposed Benghazi non-scandal has always been a nothingburger, and repetition does not equate truth. Even the denser members of the GOP caucus are beginning to realize this. Also, Hillary has had many months of practice answering questions about the email servers. The damage has already been done at this point — unless the FBI is able to cousidney-blumenthal-hillary-clinton-04d4d06d12a20f1egh up an indictment, that issue is basically settled as well.

But the moral nature of the sort of people she chooses to surround herself with… oh no. That is much different. Gowdy is correct in his instincts that this is a more viable indictment of Clinton.

Anyone can and will be judged by the nature of the people they choose to surround themselves with. If a man’s four closest friends are all gangbangers, then it is not completely unreasonable to conclude that he is more likely than not to also be a gangbanger. If another man’s most frequent contacts are all pedophiles, then it should not shock an investigator if he too is found to have more kiddie porn stashed than Jared Fogle.

Similarly, if a politician’s top lieutenants are all invidious, odious bootlicks, chosen only for their loyalty at the expense of competence, it makes one question if the politician is anything better than a gang kingpin.

Granted, all political operations need hatchet men. I allow her (and Bill) a free pass on James Carville and John Podesta, as they are their versions of David Axelrod, Karl Rove or Lee Atwater. You just can’t win the presidency without a fixer (or three) willing to get his hands dirty. It’s not a pleasant fact of life, but it’s a true one all the same.

But that does not explain the other parasites she chooses to surround herself with. Blumenthal, eel-like and obsequious to the point of making Paul Wolfowitz seem warm david brockand human by comparison. David Brock, a bizarre, misshapen little turncoat who triggers one’s uncanny valley phobic response. Huma Abedin, so reptilian it makes one wonder if David Icke was on to something. What do these individuals say about the person employing them?

UPDATE: I’m not alone. Here’s Rachel Maddow broaching the same subject. Hillary fobs her off with non-answers, but Maddow is absolutely right to be worried.