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I earlier mentioned how much neoliberal, boomerist DINOs inside the beltway are to the right of most Republicans when it comes to war. Hillary Clinton is the most obvious example, but she has her amen corner over at Vox, whose writers’ estimation of their own intellect knows no earthly bounds.

To wit:

Thought leader, ladies and gentlemen.

Once again, Yglesias gives lip service to the liberal idea that war is bad while simultaneously obviously being for it. Like many Vox writers, he is angling for insider access with a second Clinton administration or, even better, a paid position on her White House staff. And since Hillary Clinton is to the right of the GOP candidates not named Bush or Graham on foreign policy, well, let’s just say Yglesias knows which way the winds are blowing.

Thus, we get the above piece of too-precious-by-half idiocy. Take your pick on which is worse: the galling insensitivity of his “war is good for business” tweet, when we’re talking thousands of dead French soldiers in this hypothetical, or his obvious embrace of the same broken windows fallacy Yglesias has accused conservatives of falling for in the past.

Vox bills itself as an “explainer” site, where people smarter than us explain the news so we dullards can grasp it. That model sort of falls apart, however, if the “explainers” exhibit the same iron grasp of the issues as your typical college sophomore stoned on a Saturday night.

The GOP base regularly whips itself up in righteous furor over the charge of someone on their own side being a RINO. No insult is more offensive; no accusation is more grave. The tea partiers will primary anyone at the drop of a hat, even a reliable conservative like Eric Cantor who had only the barest whiff of heterodoxy about him. And they are even rejecting a Bush for the nomination in the most shocking electoral rebellion I have ever seen in my lifetime.

DINOYet we liberals always fall in line and take our marching orders without question, putting up a warmongering, paranoid psychopath like Hillary for the nomination because it was her turn. And, our side puts enormous stock into DINO writers such as Yglesias and his boss Ezra Klein, most of the staff at the new zombified TNR, and their godfather Tom Friedman, writers who are far more obsequious to the ruling class of Washington and Davos than the vast majority of conservative pundits. All Hillary has to do is give vague, lawyerly worded, focus-grouped approval to this-or-that cause or pressure group and we liberals put up endless tweets and blogs capturing our awe of our wise, all-knowing leader. I mean, have you seen the tweets out there? If conservatives were giving the same treatment to Bush, it would make anyone sick.

Say what you will about the latest round of college protests, and they do often descend into ridiculous self-parody — but at least the protesters rightfully recognize the sellout, corrupt, neoliberal Boomerists in charge of universities as the uncaring, illiberal hacks that they are. At least they are tired of business-as-usual on our side of the aisle. At least they are willing to protest. Too bad us so-called adults still have no problem being led by our noses by great philosopher-kings like Matt Yglesias and Hillary Clinton.