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Here is a rough estimate of my social media habits.

Twitter: Following my favorite writers; seeing their thoughts percolate before their pieces get pushed on their respective sites; occasionally gambling an @-tweet and praying someone with a gazillion followers doesn’t steamroll me with a retweet. (fortunately, all I usually get is a pity fave.)

Instagram and Snapchat: Here’s where I follow people IRL as well as some smoking hot women I don’t know. Well, come on, everyone follows attractive members of their preferred gender on IG, right? (cough)

facebook rant

Before Facebook, this rant would have been screamed at a bus boy instead of gracing all of our timelines.

Facebook: Workout updates from a bunch of people I knew a few lifetimes ago and who I don’t interact with whatsoever anymore; getting my weekly fix of vaccine conspiracy theories, crazy anti-America rants, crazy anti-Obama rants; the one chick who constantly floods my feed and drowns out everything else if I don’t mute her; obviously fake “news” stories and bad Photoshop jobs that have been shared 452,000 times; and all under the watchful eye of a guy who honestly thought he could fix Newark public schools by throwing money at them.

Because I refused to share any personal details of my life such as employer, alma maters, etc, while locking down all the privacy settings, I pretty much made it impossible for anybody to find me on that site… which defeated the purpose. It’s the same choice all FB users face: either overshare way too much with one of tech’s least trustworthy corporations, all of its advertisers, and the world at large… or share so narrowly the service becomes pointless.

I’m pretty sure that’s by design.

So, Max, while your reshare of some guy in Montana’s bizarre rant about the flu shot was very nice and all, I’ve decided that my life can continue without this sort of input after all.

(I’m on Twitter at @forbiddencomma )