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  • I don’t want to be coming off vacation.
  • It’s odd, rooting for Hillary to be savior of the Republic. There are two scenarios for the ’16 race: either Trump wins the GOP nomination, or else he splits off into a third-party bid. Either way, HRC wins.
  • Trump didn’t create this movement out of thin air. If anything, he randomly just stumbled onto it in June ’15 and is now running with it. There has been a strong nativist/xenophobic strain to American politics for as long as there’s been an America.
  • But this is also true of just about every society on the planet. In Japan, nativism is woven through every strand of their society, even though they are otherwise perfectly liberal and tolerant First Worlders. And that’s before we get to the hardcore nationalism of the Second World — Eastern Europe, Russia, China.
  • Their secret is that they can express the natural, human nativist instict through healthy political channels . But in North America and Western/Central Europe, the only channel for such sentiment is through the fascists. Thus, we get National Front, Sweden Democrats, Trump. People vote for these assholes because they have literally no other alternative to the open-borders, politically-correct norm.
  • And yes, the GOP donor class is just as pro-open-borders as the Dem donor class, if for different reasons. Against this ideological monopoly, it was only a matter of time before the New Know-Nothings arose.
  • The two greatest sources of terrorism in this country remain the same: whites, and Sunni Muslims. Each political side is permitted to criticize only one of these two bases of terrorism, but not the other. How messed up is that?

  • In completely unrelated news, I was reading blog posts from sex workers that leaves me struggling, as always, to try to even begin comprehending that industry or how it plays with feminism. This industry employs mostly women, both cis and trans, and gay men — easy territory, on its face, for feminism. Yet, these people are held in shocking contempt by self-proclaimed feminist leaders like Lena Dunham, leaving its workers with no political home. But on the other hand, the sex industry really is fundamentally twisted and inhumane, as even the most optimistic sex workers freely admit. But on the other hand, sex workers regularly agitate for their trade to be decriminalized, despite (or perhaps, because of) how repulsive their work is. But on the other hand, I personally find that industry, from porn to stripping to prostitution, abhorrent and diametrically opposed to what sex should be, and I have never so much as watched a single porn video (yes, yes, make fun of me now). But on the other hand, I have yet to meet a sex worker who was not an incredibly interesting person. Those are a lot of hands! It’s like I wish sex work could exist without the, well, you know, actual sex work.
  • Gotham had a decent first half of a second season, despite ignoring my advice to advance the age of the principal cast. This show is all about the gloriously delightful and evil villains, and the heroes like Gordon and Wayne are secondary at best. By the way, I was not entirely surprised to find Jerome was not the real Joker, as he was far too comfortable taking orders from the real villain of the half-season. This was entirely out of character for the real Joker, who gets excluded from big DC-universe teamups because he is too much for even Lex Luthor and Brainiac.
  • Jessica Jones, though, remains the best small-screen superhero show I’ve ever seen, and not just because of how its themes related to my own life. I sort of wish this could remain relatively independent — but the coming folding of JJ into the rest of the MCU via The Defenders may kill the spirit of the show. Imagine how jarring it would have been to have Chris Evans stroll onto the show in episode 8 or something? Yet, we are looking at a small-scale version of this soon enough.
  • On that note, it was a good thing JJ‘s chief villain was an emotionally stunted manboy who did not think what he could truly do with his powers. Imagine if he had walked into a nuclear silo, or the White House, or even worse, Avengers Tower. Keeping things small-scale actually made JJ more intense, rather than less.
  • The Good Wife is rebounding from its broken Season 6 and its Margulies-related self-inflicted wounds. Cush Jumbo has a large hand in this recovery, with her character thematically replacing both Kalinda and Cary. The latter, incidentally, has become redundant this season as a result, which is the main downside this go-around — Czuchry may need to be cashiered if this keeps up, lest he wind up TGW‘s version of Justin Chambers. One more minor complaint involves the return of the NSA plotline — groan.
  • And finally, I really don’t want to be coming off vacation. Will be posting real posts soon!