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Today, Buzzfeed published a post where they asked German women under 30 what they thought following the mass-sexual-assault incident in Cologne, in which roughly a thousand Muslims rampaged against local women. One of the responses is noted above.

If such an image gives you shivers, well, it should.

nazi 2

nazi 3

The exact word “Erwachen” is too loaded to be used in modern Germany, for obvious reasons. But “Aufwachen,” differing only in the prefix, means basically the same thing: Awaken.

It is the same concept used by countless extremists in many different countries. Sweden Democrat supporters are said to be “waking up.” White supremacists here also use the term to describe their radicalization — sometimes intentionally. Radical misogynists use the term “Red Pill” to mean the same thing — be like Neo, take the red pill, and awaken to reality.

It all comes back to the belief that the Powers That Be are intentionally squashing or distorting the truth about the real world to keep the plebians in line. And it doesn’t help that there is some truth to this. Media outlets — including Buzzfeed — as well as German authorities tried to downplay and suppress the news of the Cologne attacks, going so far as to engage in victim-blaming when the news finally broke. And even mainstream feminists refuse to discuss it, when they would have been apoplectic if the perps had been white. This is all entirely because the attackers are Muslim and are therefore considered a protected class by the establishment.

When you know the elites are intentionally lying to you, the idea of “awakening” to see the world for how it truly is has some appeal.

(Warning: do not click links in this paragraph at work.) Skinheads note, approvingly, that Italian fascists are awakening. The term is also popular at Stormfront. Some of their Islamic counterparts also like the concept. If someone is inveighing his compatriots to “awaken,” he’s probably not planning anything very nice for the powers that be.

But this pitch can find receptive ears in a sickening society. To protect their society, their way of life, their people, the proletariat in Germany and elsewhere are increasingly throwing their lot with the racists and fascists, because they feel they are the only ones “awake” enough to protect them from the Muslim invaders, and the neoliberal Establishment encouraging the takeover. And on the flip side, many Muslims increasingly feel that going radical is the only way to protect their religion against the lying, deceiving Westerners.

This has parallels with other self-described radicals.

stay woke

Black nationalists, including #BLM, may be diametrically opposed to the racist white nationalists, but the “Stay woke” motto is strikingly similar to the “Awaken” cries of the fascists. And just like the fascists, black nationalists hold a deep contempt of the media and the government they see as fundamentally dishonest and out to keep them down. And they’re not incorrect either, as recent events in Chicago have made clear: Rahm Emanuel is far more a clear and present danger to black Chicagoans than a hundred skinheads. And the whole mass-immigration thing, including Paul Ryan’s H-2B visa expansion, is designed to keep the black worker down just as much as the white worker. Both are equally unfit in the eyes of the neoliberal Boomerists.

All of these movements have sprung from the utter, catastrophic incompetence and failure of the ruling class. The problem isn’t the fact that we have a ruling class — someone’s always going to be in charge. No, the problem is just how badly our rulers suck at their jobs. Throughout history, the power of the extremists is inversely proportional to how well the rulers are doing. After all, the communists rose up when Nicholas II was czar, not Peter the Great; Robespierre appeared after Louis XVI, not Louis XIV. Even the Nazis were a joke throughout the booming ’20s, up until the Great Depression hit and Weimar Germany’s rulers were unable to cope. Extremist movements are not popular if the people are content, such as in the booming ’20s, Reagan ’80s or Clinton ’90s. But when you get a Davos/Washington/Brussels ruling class returning once again to the attitude of “let them eat cake,” you get the various rallies for the people to awaken.