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You may have seen that heartbreaking video of 1,400 blue-collar workers in Indianapolis learning their jobs are being shipped out to Mexico. Or you may not have! It all depends on which kinds of news sites you frequent.

News, opinion and “explainer” sites tend to break in one of two ways — either globalist, or populist. This divide is independent of, and perhaps more important than, the old left vs. right divide, and this story is a great example of what I am talking about. (My last post on the subject is here.)

The outsourcing story was picked up by outlets with a populist bent, including both the New York Daily News and the New York Post. The latter is conservative and the former is more moderate, but both compete equally hard for the middle- and low-brow readers that are ignored by the town’s more elitist dailies. The layoff story also featured on Breitbart and Raw Story, two sites that could not be further apart on left vs. right issues — but which are both equally populist. The story was already seized on by Donald Trump, and it’s only a matter of time before it shows up in Bernie Sanders’ stump speeches too. Guess which way both these guys lean in their respective parties?

buzzfeed indy

“Heh, does anyone actually live in Indianapolis?” — BF editor-in-chief Ben Smith, probably

Meanwhile, if you restrict your online viewing habits to Buzzfeed, Slate, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Daily Beast, Financial Times, and Vox, then this is the first you’ve heard of this video. You will note that there are no links over any of these names. That is because, as of this writing, not one of these organizations has breathed a single word of this story. There’s no mention on any of their front pages; searching “Indianapolis” on each of these sites gave results such as shown. Guess which way they lean on globalist vs. populist?

To ask the question is to answer it. A bunch of undereducated blue-collar stiffs in flyover country getting their jobs outsourced just makes economic sense to the editors of these esteemed sites. It’s just how the world works. Why, none of their friends at their last dinner party at Lucky Bee would even consider this news.

As mentioned, the split also goes to politics. While this story is custom-made for both Trump and Sanders, it will probably get ignored by Clinton; other GOP candidates might only try and fail to mimic Trump on a story they truly do not have sympathy for. Trump and Sanders are the only two who speak to the economic anxieties of workers, as opposed to Clinton and Bush and as opposed to the Ivy League-educated coastal elites who run globalist-oriented content providers. But don’t take my word for it — here’s The Donald himself:

“We’re being ripped off by everybody. And I guess that’s the thing that Bernie Sanders and myself have in common. We know about the trade. But unfortunately he can’t do anything to fix it, whereas I will. I have the best people in the world. We’re losing hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars a year. And we will fix it. And we’ll make it good. And we’ll bring our jobs back. Bernie Sanders can’t even think in terms of that. The only thing he does know, and he’s right about, is that we’re being ripped off; he says that constantly; and I guess he and I are the only two that really say that.

And really. How is this surprising, when the globalist media hates talking about these stories either? If candidates want to win elections, they and their advisors need to read less Vox and start reading more Raw Story and Breitbart.

political grid

My glorious MS Paint collage of what I’m talking about. Things on a line are neutral: LGBT and abortion rights are important to all liberals, just as gun rights, evangelical Christianity and Obama Derangement Syndrome are universally appreciated on the Right.