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I’ve seen various posts from political reporters and pundits detailing when they actually started to take the Trump threat seriously. Answers range from roughly November, to the New Hampshire primary.

On my end, I first considered Trump the moron’s preferred candidate back in early July. Which he still is, of course — but morons are only one part of his base at this point. I started to take the Trump insurgency seriously by late July, but was still confident Bush, or one of his understudies such as Rubio, would best him. I was still singing this tune in late August, still believing that the Establishment would eventually force their favored son to the nomination the way they always used to.

But by early September, I was getting my doubts. The deep-seated rot within our aristocracy was obviously responsible for both Trump’s rise on one side, and Sanders’ on the other. I could no longer pretend that the triumph of either would be a complete surprise, due entirely to the selfishness of our ruling class. And to be clear, I am no anarchist rebelling at the fact that we have such people at all — there has been and will always be a ruling class of every society. It just so happens that our current crop of Powers-That-Be really suck at their jobs. If things were better for us plebians compared to the 1%, neither Trump nor Sanders would have happened to this scale. The Trump-equivalent during America’s Golden Age — Joe McCarthy — was eventually defeated, after all.

I think it really set in that Trump was becoming the presumptive nominee by December, as we headed into the holiday season with no end of Trumpism in sight and with Iowa looming in just over a month. This post reflects the still-current C.W. that Trump will either be the nominee or else a third-party candidate, and either way, the GOP is pretty much screwed.

Nothing like this has ever happened in presidential politics during my lifetime. The closest comparison is not McCarty nor even George Wallace, but the Know Nothings of the ’40s. The 1840s, that is. The failures of our ruling class are so complete that people are quite ready to burn the whole place down in protest.

I sure hope that fancy new penthouse for NYU’s (current annual tuition: $71k) new president was worth it.