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In late 2016, during the tail end of the campaign and during the beginning of the transition, Trump advisers Jason Miller (married) and A.J. Delgado (single) carried out an affair. The relationship fell apart after Delgado got pregnant, and chose to keep the baby. You can read more about the story here.

The total blowback that Miller got was feeling compelled to pass on a Trump White House gig due to the affair. (Considering what we know about our president, he probably didn’t even have to do that.) Today, Miller maintains a high-paying lobbyist gig as well as earning compensation as a Trump surrogate on CNN. In addition, he reportedly still has input with the administration. And Delgado? Well, here is what she tweeted today:


Considered a rising star in Washington until the news of the affair broke, Delgado quickly lost her job, and all her cable-news gigs. She lives with her mother, an unemployed (and, in that world, unemployable) single mom considering literally selling her el-cheapo car to pay the bills. She remains fanatically faithful to Trump, but the affection is completely one-sided. Delgado to this day regularly gets taunted by angry Trumpkins about the affair, far more than Miller does (the few people coming at him on Twitter seem to be liberals).

In the #MAGA world, women like Delgado are hussies, sluts and whores. Men like Miller, though? It’s like with POTUS himself: boys will be boys. Evangelical leaders all point out they don’t expect their leaders in Washington to be choir boys.

The above merely presented without comment.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, for some reason, conservative men in Washington complain about not being able to get laid. Those biased libtards, amirite?