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A reasonable defense of Trump, from a conservative, might go something like this:

“You may ask why I like a son of a bitch like Donald Trump, and the answer is: hell no, do I like the lying cheating son of a bitch. He’s crooked, he’s racist, he has no idea what he’s doing with North Korea, and he went and made my local NFL team look like a bunch of flag-burning hippies all over one guy who isn’t even playing anymore.

Look, I didn’t vote for him in the primaries. I would have loved to see Cruz, Rubio, or Bush. But the voters in all their wisdom went with this guy instead, and well, all that said: he’s delivered on the three things most important to me:

  1. Nominating solid, Republican judges, and not just dipshits like Chris Christie who happen to be his lackeys or golfing buddies. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by this.
  2. He signs whatever conservative legislation like the tax bill that Ryan and McConnell put on his desk, no questions asked. Sure, he falsely takes credit for it; but you and I both know it’s Mitch who’s really steering this train, and as long as the president doesn’t interfere, who cares what he tweets?
  3. He says the right things from the bully pulpit about abortion, Israel, and guns.

Look, between an adulterous, pussy-grabbing ragehead who does that, or a crook like Hillary who would put liberal pro-abortion judges on the bench, raise taxes, and funnel away just as much taxpayer money as Trump has to that corrupt “foundation” of hers? It’s not a pleasant choice, but still a no-brainer of a choice.

And it’ll be the same thing in 2020. Ok, I’m not looking forward to voting for him again. Honestly, I’ll be holding my nose all the way to and from the polls. But the Dems will either put up a crazy socialist like Bernie, or else another Hillarybot like Kamala Harris. I mean, if they actually nominate Mike Bloomberg, who’s a reasonable, pro-business centrist, I might change my mind. But we all know they aren’t going to do that.

Again, I’d much rather be re-electing Ted Cruz. But really, the voters had a reason to send a message to the establishment of both parties. They haven’t been doing a great job over the past 30 years. Hell, let’s just say it: the establishment sucks, pure and simple. Take any sector of the country you want. Health care. Universities. Jobs. Whatever. These people, these elites who run everything, make everything worse, cost more, and pay less. That’s what they do. And then they wonder how we got an adulterous cretin like Trump. Maybe stop blaming me, and start blaming the people who keep hiking tuitions and slashing your paycheck.”

But that’s not what you hear from conservatives, is it? (A few exceptions like Ben Shapiro, who would rather talk about anything besides Trump, aside.) An essay like the above would get you fired from the Federalist, wouldn’t it?


Arguably understated compared to Ben Garrison’s ouevre. 

It’s a cult of personality, the likes of which America has never seen with a president. Take Obama. For all the conservative snickering about supposed liberal worship of “The One,” the most “cultish” thing I’ve seen the mainstream media say about him was when Chris Matthews said Obama gave him a “thrill going up my leg,” a remark which people laugh at to this day. Now compare that to the enforced worship from almost all media personalities at almost all major conservative outlets. People wondering why FoxNews has become state media should see the rapturous love their viewers have of this man, one that brooks not even the slightest dissent. Even the mildest of criticisms from a normally pro-Trump figure like Neil Cavuto leads to calvacades of hate mail. In addition, there is pressure on writers and anchors from the oligarchs who run conservative media, from the Murdochs to the cartoonishly evil Mercers to David J. Pecker to Sinclair’s David D. Smith: the pressure to choose between the party line or the unemployment line. With the fire coming from both sides, what would you do if you wrote for your typical conservative site?

Here’s just a few examples of this Maoist cult of personality at work, when loyalty to one leader takes precedence over almost anything else: Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. It’s all blind obedience, nurtured with regular infusions of hate towards the Non-Trump. You don’t get any attempts at logic from these people because they don’t bother to make any. They’ll blindly rage at whomever their Glorious Leader tells them to rage at, and cut themselves off from any friends or family who dares disagree. I mean that — everybody’s got a family member who chose to end contact with their own flesh and blood rather than entertain a cross word against Chairman Donald. Compared to that, the routine blocking of anyone they disagree with on Facebook and Twitter seems minor.

There is no rationality. It’s all Sturm und Drang, all the time. This does not end well.