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DC McAllister has long been one of the more vituperative and emotionally unstable Trump-worshipping writers of the Right, which obviously made her a perfect fit for sites like The Federalist and The Daily Wire. No matter how hateful or how completely insane her ravings, her bosses had her back because she was, in their opinion, owning the libs.

To my surprise, some lines that may not be crossed still somehow exist on the post-morality New Right. In an undoubtedly alcohol-fueled frenzy, McAllister of “You were at my wedding, Denise” infamy sailed right over one (and it’s crucial to note that insulting the wife of Federalist boss Ben Domenech was *not* over the line). I’ve decided to screencap the epic meltdown before she wakes up and, through the hangover, cold realization suddenly punches her in the gut, and she deletes her tweets / her account.

It began the day before when McAllister decided to tweet this.

denise meltdown 1

Let me just say that being married to a woman like this would absolutely be hell on earth. Anyway, after spending a day being mocked online for her tweet, and her responding with her usual grace and equanimity…

denise meltdown 2

…journalist Yashar Ali (who should be noted to be gay, for narrative reasons that will become clear shortly) decided to also get a dig in.

denise meltdown 3.png

By the time Yashar tweeted, it seemed that cocktail hour had arrived at McAllister’s North Carolina home.

denise meltdown 4

This tirade, and in particular the “another man’s asshole” pontification, attracted even the attention of mainstream conservatives such as S.E. Cupp. At this point, you may ask, did McAllister realize that she may have messed up? That maybe she should perhaps log off Twitter until the tequila was out of her bloodstream? Or did she decide to tweet through it? Did you even need to ask?

denise meltdown 5

And finally, the hammer dropped. First Ben Shapiro and then, apparently prodded by his wife because he didn’t see a problem, even Ben Domenech let McAllister know her services were no longer required.

denise meltdown 6

McAllister’s final tweet, before passing out, phone still clutched in hand, was more right than she knows. She, along with the rest of her erstwhile Federalist allies, certainly made their choice when it came to principles, morality or truth.

People often forget the power of social media. It’s too easy to think of your Twitter or Facebook account as just a latter-day LiveJournal, where you’re just shouting into the void and/or speaking only to a small, select audience. All it takes is one rant (that you no doubt feel is “justified”) to end your career. (Not that a scumbag like Domenech cares about homophobia. He does care about bad press from his fellow conservatives and his wife’s hectoring, however.) And social media apps most certainly do not breathalyze you first. Take care and, if you enjoy imbibing more than one adult beverage on the weekend, make it a rule not to use any social media apps any time you don’t trust yourself to drive, either.

Also, as terrible as things can get in the Age of Trump, at least we can appreciate the progress made in our attitude of gay and lesbian people. Twenty or even ten years ago, as libertarian writer Elizabeth Nolan Brown has noted, McAllister’s bromides would’ve barely warranted a slap on the wrist from a conservative site or magazine. Instead, even a culture-war conservative stalwart like Ben Shapiro is rightly horrified. Of course, this could all change if Trump starts listening to his vice president and declares war on every letter of “LGBT” instead of just the “T.” But until then, (cis) queer people and their allies can remain proud of the progress our society has made.